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            Tianneng Lithium-ion to build a "lithium energy city mine" and improve the ecology of large lithium battery
            Release time:2021-05-05 15:03:34  Number of readings:3930

            In recent years, the sales volume of lithium batteries for consumer goods has continued to rise. In 2020, the sales volume of EB exceeded 40 million, and in 2021, the planned production capacity will be nearly 60 million. Lithium prices in Australia stopped falling last October, according to Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, a consultancy. Obviously, it is more and more important to recycle waste power battery and materials. Carbon neutral dividend will give birth to the "golden age" of new energy industry. Scrapped power battery is a valuable "urban mine". The development of power battery recycling industry is of great significance to reduce China's external dependence, national resource strategic security and the development of circular economy. 




            With the development of green new energy as its own responsibility, Tianneng has already found the importance of lithium battery recycling. Based on the integrated mode of recycle and sales, Tianneng has already occupied a dominant position in the field of power battery recycling. It is natural for Tianneng to enter into lithium battery recycling industry.

            Tianneng will gradually improve the lithium recycling system, strive to build a "lithium energy city mine", and the new ecology of Tianneng lithium industry will be gradually launched. 
            Gradually improvement of the ecology of TN lithium battery

            Optimization and upgrading of ecological picture

            What is the large lithium battery ecology? According to industry experts, the large lithium battery ecology covers multiple dimensions such as technological innovation, industrial innovation, and talent construction. Technological innovation is mainly reflected in the field of lithium battery technology; The industrial innovation is mainly manifested in the multi terminal pulling force of scene end, production capacity end and recycling end; The ability of talent construction mainly depends on the expansion ability of lithium battery talent team. 





            Science and technology are the primary productive forces, which lithium battery also needs to focus on. Tianneng lithium battery has long laid out a double cycle technical safety system, which has attracted much attention. The seven safety designs of Tianneng lithium battery control the safety problems from the source. Adopting automotive lithium battery standard, starting from seven major safety designs, including chemical design, mechanical design, structural design, electrical design, simulation, quality management, and intelligent BMS management, it involves battery material, shell, cell, and management system to control safety in an all-round way. Tianneng lithium chooses to play steadily, and forms a technical fortress after making breakthroughs in many aspects. At the same time, it constantly updates and iterates, and strives to provide stronger safety performance and broader exploitable space for consumers with every generation of products. At the same time, TN lithium battery is also very competitive in BMS management and PACK technology. 
            On the scene side, Tianneng lithium battery focuses its application market on five core areas based on its technology, and focuses on the scene demand with its own advantages, striving to take root in the consumer demand scene. The five major fields involve lithium batteries for electric vehicles, industry, new energy, electronic consumption and energy storage. Tianneng lithium wants to build a global benchmark in the core field. 

            In the capacity side, Tianneng lithium has fully realized the automation technology system of "machine replacement" through equipment upgrading and intelligent transformation. In the future, it will further accelerate the process of product consistency in scientific and technological workshops and ensure product quality to the greatest extent. At the same time, it will continue to meet the requirements of enterprise digitalization and manufacturing digitalization through the interconnection of equipment. The upgrading of intelligent manufacturing will greatly drive the stable output of the capacity side. 

            From the perspective of recycling end, as early as in April this year, at the 2021 China (Shenzhen) International Battery Technology Summit, the person in charge of Tianneng lithium demonstrated the seven step closed-loop of battery recycling, which is mainly from raw material batteries to finished batteries, new energy vehicles, retired batteries, echelon utilization, recycling, and then dismantling the waste battery materials, and then processing and recycling the available materials to the manufacturing of raw material batteries.

            Tianneng to build "lithium energy city mine"

            Completely subvert the industry ecology

            With the increase of demand for lithium battery, lithium ore value is self-evident. However, lithium resources in China are not rich. The world's spodumene ore is mainly in Western Australia, salt lake is mainly in the South American lithium triangle, 57% of spodumene mine in China is in Sichuan, and salt lake is in Qinghai and Tibet. China is a country lacking lithium, accounting for only 6% of the world, and it is difficult to exploit. However, the recycling of retired lithium-ion batteries provides another solution for the industry to solve the problem of raw materials. According to relevant agencies' estimation, 530000 tons of retired lithium-ion batteries will be produced in 2022, and the market will usher in a peak. Therefore, lithium battery recycling has become an important step in the industry to find a new way.




            At present, China attaches great importance to the recycling of power lithium battery. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has issued the industry standard for comprehensive utilization of waste power batteries of new energy vehicles, which is commonly known as the "white list" in the industry. So far, 27 enterprises in two batches have been on the "white list", and Tianneng has been listed in the second batch of "white list". 





            The recycling of waste lithium battery, will reduce pollution and waste to the lowest, greatly improve the utilization rate of materials and reduce cost, thus further reducing the pressure of raw materials cost in the industry. 

            At present, Tianneng lithium battery has made great efforts in many fields, such as lithium batteries for consumer electronics, new energy vehicles, electric bicycles, etc., trying to build a new framework battery recycling. In the future, Tianneng will cooperate with vehicle manufacturers, consumer electronics and other different types of enterprises to build a "lithium energy city mine" in an all-round way, break the current situation of lithium energy shortage in the industry and subvert the traditional ecology.